Advantages of Hydraulic Jacks in Mining Industries

August 21, 2019by absadmin


Hydraulic jacks in mining industry

In comparison to a normal jack, hydraulic jacks are able to lift heavier load easily at a greater height by applying a small amount of force. To achieve this output, both small and large cylinders are connected through hydraulic fluid which helps reduce the amount of human force applied to lift.

These tools are extremely useful in mining industries to complete operations faster, simpler and safer. This article will talk more about the benefits of using hydraulic jacks in mining industries.

Benefits of Hydraulic Jacks in the Mining Industry

As mentioned earlier, jacks help the mining industry to accurately lift heavy loads. Following are some of the popular benefits of using hydraulic jacks.

  • Hydraulic jacks are more durable than normal jacks and do not breakdown easily to ensure all work is completed safely in the long run.
  • The operator has more control when the jack is descending with Enpos’s double-acting jack cylinder. The counterbalance valves ensure that there are no overruns if the load lowers down faster than expected. Sudden load lowering accidents are eliminated as the hydraulic jacks automatically power down.
  • Hydraulic jacks require less labor and are easy to operate.
  • Hydraulic jacks have a large rod, base plate, and bore which helps achieve stable jacking.
  • To explore the maximum capacity of the load, the hydraulic jacks are designed with a larger cylinder bore than expected.
  • The Hydraulic jacks allow the operator to set the required pressure to lift the load with an air pressure regulator. Also, to ensure overload protection the jack comes with a pressure release valve.

In short, hydraulic jacks help reduce time, efforts and ensure safety. Robust and durable in nature, they seem to be the ideal tool to rely on.