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controlled bolting in infrastructure

Unlike other industries like mining, heavy machinery, oil and gas, etc. where bolting services are crucial for every maintenance shutdowns, the infrastructure industry usually requires accurate controlled bolting services only one-time. However, it is important to get it right the first time as it can lead to a weak structure. In this article, we will highlight the factors to be considered while bolting, choosing the right torque wrench and how to achieve load accuracy.

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Bolt Tensioner design

A bolt tensioner is an annular jack that fits over the fastener to be tightened. Followed by the definition and components mentioned in the previous article on components involved in bolt tensioners, we will provide you an insight into the design of the tool that will also explain how do bolt tensioners operate. We will also be talking about applied and residual load. We highly recommend you to read information about the components from our previous article to understand the operation better.

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Dry Rental Services

As an industrial bolting expert for over two decades, we are consistently expanding our line of services for the benefit of our customers. As pioneers in offering bolting techniques and solutions in the Middle-East, we offer an opportunity to all the industrialists looking forward to own torque tools from a renowned brand. Understanding the need of an economic solution for our customers, we at ABS Gulf offer dry rental services. To elaborate more about the benefits, we will detail them out in this article.

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As mentioned in our previous article, torque wrenches apply the desired torque on a fastener to either loosen or tighten it. However, there are a lot of factors involved that reduce the life of these torque tools. Based on our two decades of experience in the industry, we have compiled a list of common problems that cause the tool to fail or breakdown. To slow down the deterioration, we will share some preventive measures that can reduce maintenance costs.

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Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling

What is Pipe Cutting and Beveling?

Pipe cutting defines its name. It is an onsite machining process that cuts pipe, preparing it to be connected with a new pipe. It is an extremely crucial maintenance and repairing process for industries like petrochemical and oil and gas industries. This also helps service a corroding pipe. Since industries like oil, gas, and petrochemicals are explosive prone, we use cold cutting techniques to ensure safety during plant maintenance or shutdown.

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Types of torque wrenches


It is important to know what a torque wrench is before we discuss the types of torque wrenches available in the industry. A torque wrench is used to either tighten or loosen a fastener (bolt or nut) by applying the right amount of torque on it. As Newton’s 3rd law states, every action requires an equal and opposite reaction, applying the high value of torque, the wrenches would require a reaction arm to lock itself at an adjacent point.

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On-Site Services by ABS Gulf


With decades of experience in precision bolting and machining solutions, ABS takes pride in being an industry leader in the in-situ services we offer. We provide specialized onsite machining services like controlled bolting, pipe beveling, cold cutting, and flange facing.

Our services come with the best manpower, machine and methods that serve major industries including Oil & Gas, Wind, Power, Automobile Manufacturing & Assembly, Railways, Bridges & Construction, Heavy Engineering, Steel, Mining, Shipping, Defence and many more.