Closure Systems, Rotor & Casing Tools

For Power Generation applications, this tooling is application-specific


Suitable for power generation and oil and gas applications, this tool is suitable for holding joints. It fits on existing turbine castings and studs and offers a fast, even and safe method for checking turbine clearances.
Designs can be developed to your specification.

  • Necessitates minimal training
  • Fast and reliable to use
  • Flexible planning
  • Rental or purchase
  • No casing modifications
  • Uses existing studs
  • Complements IBH


Suitable for power generation applications, the rotor tooling bolt tensioning system is designed for accurate and safe equal tensioning and provides a reliable and flexible approach to mission-critical applications.

Used extensively by major GT workshops around the world, the tooling is available on short delivery schedules and rental for certain frame sizes.

  • Lightweight tools
  • Equal tensions
  • Safe and reliable
  • Over stroke protected
  • Automation piston retraction
  • Individual or monoblack design
  • Tools are designed for individual rotors


Suitable for power generation applications, Boltight lightweight turbine casing bolt tensioners offer speed, accuracy and safety.

Designed to suit existing casting geometrics, bolts and nuts, the tooling is easy to use and operator friendly. Powered by air driven or electric pumps, the bolts are tensioned quickly to the required specifications.

  • Lightweight tooling, high loads
  • Fast and accurate
  • Safe and reliable
  • Fits existing casings, studs and nuts
  • Available on short delivery