Custom Solutions

Custom designed bolting solutions for your unique application requirements.


One-off design

If one of the existing tools cannot be modified, Boltight will design and manufacture equipment to suit the application. This can be supplied to fit any size of bolt and deliver any load requirement. They have produced tensioners for bolts ranging in size from M8 to over M400. Designs are usually completed within a few days with production timescales dependent on the size of the order. Whatever the requirement, Boltight is committed to offering a fast turnaround.

Modifications to standard tools

For many applications, the best approach is to adapt one of the existing tools to meet a customer’s specification. Modifications like these to stock items can be turned around quickly with minimal or zero cost penalty.

  • All types of materials
  • Any size or load requirements
  • Designs for different environmental conditions
  • All pressure ranges
  • Quick delivery



    • Application specific designs
    • Offers time savings over individual tools (important for nuclear industry, subsea)
    • Spring retraction
    • Gear driven sockets
    • Positive stop
    • Higher load / compact designs
    • Increased stroke


  • Strong and robust design ensures durability and long operation life
  • Lightweight design ensures ease of use
  • Precise engineering offers smooth, trouble-free operation

Composite material seals for easy piston retraction