Bolt tensioners

July 31, 2020by absadmin0


TensionPro Sonar

Major industrial application face constant vibrations and loads which loosens the bolt. As torque wrenches and bolt tensioners are frequently used during maintenance to achieve joint integrity, it is known to be a time-consuming and tedious process. In this article, we aim to offer a time saving solution by explaining how using a ultrasonic bolt load measurement device like the TensionPro Sonar can help during such operations.

December 12, 2019by admin0

Bolt Tensioner design

A bolt tensioner is an annular jack that fits over the fastener to be tightened. Followed by the definition and components mentioned in the previous article on components involved in bolt tensioners, we will provide you an insight into the design of the tool that will also explain how do bolt tensioners operate. We will also be talking about applied and residual load. We highly recommend you to read information about the components from our previous article to understand the operation better.