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We often hear about calibration, but many do not know the importance of frequently opting for the service. A torque wrench being a very popular tool across all industries is frequently used to complete maintenance and shutdown operations. Regularly using the tool often impacts the accuracy of the tool and need to be re-calibrated to ensure it delivers precise torque outputs. In this article, we will define calibration, understand why we need to calibrate, and the frequency of calibration services.

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BOLTSTRONG Accessories

Torque wrenches are essential to complete bolting operations in major industries. Apart from these tools, multiple accessories help complete complex bolting jobs seamlessly. These accessories also help complete bolting operations for applications that have access gap or space constraints. In this article, we will talk about how BOLTSTRONG resolves these problems with their offerings.

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One of the most powerful and widely used tool in the industry, hydraulic torque wrenches are used in multiple industries. It is not only the ideal tool to reduce job time but also helps complete bolting jobs in confined spaces.The benefits don’t end there, multiple bolting accessories allow hydraulic torque wrench to be the most customizable tool while delivering the highest rate of accuracy and power in comparison to any other torque wrench. In this article, we will discuss about the key benefits and fundamentals of hydraulic torque wrenches and their accessories like reaction arms and links.