Impact Sockets

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BOLTSTRONG Accessories

Torque wrenches are essential to complete bolting operations in major industries. Apart from these tools, multiple accessories help complete complex bolting jobs seamlessly. These accessories also help complete bolting operations for applications that have access gap or space constraints. In this article, we will talk about how BOLTSTRONG resolves these problems with their offerings.

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There are many types of sockets designed in the industry that cater to different fasteners or tool requirements. Among all, impact sockets are the most popular and durable sockets that can withstand the load delivered by torque wrenches. Similarly, there are various other types of sockets that serve different requirements. In this article, we will highlight three major types of impact sockets used to complete bolting operations and summarize the role of extension arms.
Before we categorize the impact sockets, we will first talk about impact sockets. Impact sockets are robust sockets that are designed for impact drivers such as impact wrenches, and industrial torque wrenches that can deliver higher torque than other wrenches. These sockets are designed to withstand heavy vibrations and from the impact action. As mentioned earlier, impact sockets are designed from robust materials, these materials are a more ductile and less brittle grade of steel that can handle the impact vibrations and high torque output. Impact sockets are also ‘black’ coated which is a black oxide coat preventing the socket from corrosion.