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Hydraulic jacks are versatile load-lifting tools that are applicable to a wide range of industries. By applying Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics, these devices generate large amounts of load to elevate or lower any application ranging from containers to heavy machinery. In this article, we will talk about the different types of jacks available in the industry. We will also provide an insight into the various industries that use hydraulic jacks.

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Many industries like infrastructure, construction, shipping, oil and gas require lifting equipment during maintenance and installation jobs. Such heavy equipment require immense power to be lifted which can only delivered by hydraulic tools. In comparison to a normal jack that can commonly be seen used in automobile garages and vehicles, a hydraulic jack is powered by oil (hydraulics) that lifts heavy equipment with minimal labor effort. In this article, we will define the hydraulic jack, with the working, and the role it plays in industries.

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Hydraulic jacks in mining industry

In comparison to a normal jack, hydraulic jacks are able to lift heavier load easily at a greater height by applying a small amount of force. To achieve this output, both small and large cylinders are connected through hydraulic fluid which helps reduce the amount of human force applied to lift.

These tools are extremely useful in mining industries to complete operations faster, simpler and safer. This article will talk more about the benefits of using hydraulic jacks in mining industries.