Does a Torque Wrench require regular calibration?

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We often hear about calibration, but many do not know the importance of frequently opting for the service. A torque wrench being a very popular tool across all industries is frequently used to complete maintenance and shutdown operations. Regularly using the tool often impacts the accuracy of the tool and need to be re-calibrated to ensure it delivers precise torque outputs. In this article, we will define calibration, understand why we need to calibrate, and the frequency of calibration services.

Calibrating bolting systems like torque wrenches are recommended by the tool manufacturer to ensure accuracy over the age of the tool. A calibration test involves monitoring if the torque wrench delivers the right amount of force to fasten a bolt accurately.

As mentioned earlier, bolting systems are popularly used to complete projects, maintenance, and shutdown jobs, these tools and pumps age and loose its accuracy. This means that it may over tighten fasteners which can cause the bolt to deform or break. Therefore, frequent calibration helps not only maintain accuracy but also saves cost of application damage or leakages.

Why to calibrate?

  • To ensure the accuracy of the tool and that is delivering the right torque as desired.
  • To ensure the quality of the torque wrench has not deteriorated with age.
  • To ensure that the tool delivers its peak performance when operational.
  • To test the accuracy of new bolting systems.
  • To avoid application damages and unsafe bolting operations.
  • To maintain industry and government standards.

When to calibrate your torqueing tool, pressure gauge? And how often?

  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s calibration recommendation to understand the frequency of calibration required.
  • Before starting a new project or job, it is safer to calibrate before starting operation. Bolting systems used in maintenance activities of heavy machinery are regularly calibrated considering the frequent use of torque wrenches.
  • Bolting systems are often calibrated post repair or spare replacement. It ensures the tool is accurate even post servicing.
  • To meet certification standards.
  • Schedule a frequent calibrations if dependency on the bolting systems are high.
  • It is recommended to at least calibrate annually for safe operation.

Why calibrate with ABS Gulf?

Optimize your tool performance and reliability through our tool calibration services. We provide in-house calibration services that meet our customer’s requirements.

Our in-house calibration facility can undertake tool calibration with capacity up to 20000 Nm* for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, Battery Operated and Manual torqueing tools; our certified technicians ensure accurate and timely service.

We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of calibrating a torque wrench. We also hope that based on the frequency of tool usage; you can estimate the number of times calibration is required. Visit us next time for more know knowledge-sharing articles.

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