Flange Spreader, Aligner, and Pulling tools by Equalizer

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We all know how crucial flanges are as applications in major industries like petrochemicals, power, chemical manufacturing, oil & gas, and many more. With ABS Gulf offering attractive offers and faster delivery of the tools, we decided to write an article to talk about the features and benefits of owning an Equalizer flange spreader, aligner, or puller.

The Equalizer range of tools offer a cost-effective, simple, and safe solution to all flange maintenance applications like spreading, aligning, and pulling. The patented range of Equalizer tools simplifies the flange maintenance operations. The following are Equalizer’s flange maintenance tool offerings.

Flange Spreader

The flange spreading tools developed by Equalizer help open flanges easily before conducting other maintenance operations such as flange facing. Designed to be powered manually or hydraulically, these tools are applicable to all flange joints. Equalizer offers three different variants of flange spreaders namely

  • Spreading Wedges

ATEX certified, these tools are designed to be used in explosion prone industries like oil & gas. Operational on a minimum access gap of 4mm (0.16 inches), delivering a spreading force of 480 kN (54 tons) when used in pairs. Built to enhance safety, these tools eliminate the risk of pinch point hazards.

  • Multi-Gap Spreader

Designed to be used on flanges with small diameters and low-pressure joints, these tools can fit into a minimum access gap of 2mm (0.08 inches) delivering a spreading force of 136 KN (15.3 tons) when used in pairs.

  • Secure-Grip Spreaders

Designed for flanges with no access gap or that have wafer, spacer or butterfly valves positioned between them. These spreaders can fit into bolt-hole sizes ranging from 17.5 mm (0.69 inches) to 108 mm (4.25 inches) delivering a spreading force up to 500 kN (56.2 tons) when used in pairs. These tools spread pull the mating flanges away by locking into the flange bolt holes.

Flange Aligner

The patented range of Equalizer alignment tools resolves the flange lateral or rotational misalignments within joints. Flange alignment is essential to avoid any leakages. In comparison to conventional methods, the Equalizer flange aligner offers a faster and safer means of aligning flanges. Variants offered are as follows.

  • Flange Tools

These tools are designed to be applicable on all vertical and horizontal flanges including API, DIN, BS, SPO, and ANSI/ASME. These tools can operate on pipe configurations with minimum bolt-hole diameters of 16 mm (0.63 inches) to 35.5 mm (1.4 inches) with a reaction force up to 90 kN (10.1 tons).

  • Wind Tower Flange Tools

Designed to resolve bolt-hole misalignments in wind turbine tower sections during installation or assembly, these tools can deliver reaction force up to 270 kN (27 tons). They can serve applications with a minimum bolt-hole diameter of 25 mm (1 inch) to 45 mm (1.78 inches).

Flange Pulling Tools

Designed to close flanges or pull them together during installation, post flange facing or maintenance jobs, these tools are capable of pulling flanges together from a distance of 600 mm (23.62 inches) with a closing force of up to 200 kN (22.4 tons) when used in pairs. Like flange tools, these tools are applicable on all vertical and horizontal flanges including API, DIN, BS, SPO, and ANSI/ASME.


We hope this article helped you with all the necessary information regarding flange maintenance tools offered by Equalizer. As a distributor for Equalizer in UAE, ABS Gulf is currently offering selected models from the mentioned above at discounted prices. So, if you are looking to own a flange maintenance tool, we would recommend this to be the best time to do so. Visit us next time to know more about the significance of our tools in the industry.

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