How does our Dry Rental Service Help Reduce the Capital Costs of Torque Tools?

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Dry Rental Services

As an industrial bolting expert for over two decades, we are consistently expanding our line of services for the benefit of our customers. As pioneers in offering bolting techniques and solutions in the Middle-East, we offer an opportunity to all the industrialists looking forward to own torque tools from a renowned brand. Understanding the need of an economic solution for our customers, we at ABS Gulf offer dry rental services. To elaborate more about the benefits, we will detail them out in this article.

With the world and many industries like heavy machinery and infrastructure opting to use tools and equipment on rental basis. Here are a list of benefits from our dry rental services

1. No initial investments

The most obvious straight off the headline is that there are no initial investments involved in renting the torque tools. Rent your tools for a fixed price for both short and long-term based on your requirement.

2. Pay as you use

Industries like infrastructure have bolting requirement once in many years i.e. torque tools are only used to tighten infrastructure projects like bridges, post that the tool is not going to be used on the same project unless maintenance issues arise. Similarly, many industries rarely have plant shut downs. For such industries, the requirement of torque wrenches is low. Therefore, it makes sense to pay as you use than invest heavily for inconsistent usage.

3. Never worry about maintenance costs

As torque wrenches age, they incur maintenance costs like calibration, repairs, and part replacement. In a rental service, the customer receives a properly checked tool which eliminates the hassle of tool breakdown mid-operation.

4. Opportunity to use a renowned tool

It not only is a convenient solution for irregular bolting jobs but also offers an opportunity to use a renowned product at a nominal price. The service also allows the customer to experience the tool first-hand before they make the decision to invest in it.

5. Customize your requirements

As our dry rental services have a wide range of torque wrenches under the customer’s disposal. A project manager has the option of changing brands or tool model based on his/her requirement. Since, the prices are fixed and under contract, the prices do not fluctuate which makes it easy to choose the tool.

6. Avoid storage costs

If you buy an expensive tool, you need to maintain the tool by storing it in a proper environment that does not damage the tool due to improper handling or storage.

7. Option to always rent the latest

Purchasing the tool limits the person to features and technologies in a particular tool. However, rentals offer you the opportunity to always stay ahead by borrowing torque tools that have adopted new technologies which possess better features for safety, quality, efficiency, etc.

Why rent from ABS?

As an experienced bolting solutions provider, we have a fleet of tools that are renowned globally and offer precision bolting solutions. Our wide range of tools have bolting solutions for all types of applications for major industries. Our experience allows us to recommend the best tool for the application so to offer joint-integrity. As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we ensure all our products are quality certified. Also, our training services can offer tool safety training to the operators at a fixed price to ensure hindrance-free torqueing.

Therefore, renting torque wrenches not only increases convenience but also economic benefits that help achieve accurate bolting at a nominal price. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.

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