How is Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling better than traditional methods?

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Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling

What is Pipe Cutting and Beveling?

Pipe cutting defines its name. It is an onsite machining process that cuts pipe, preparing it to be connected with a new pipe. It is an extremely crucial maintenance and repairing process for industries like petrochemical and oil and gas industries. This also helps service a corroding pipe. Since industries like oil, gas, and petrochemicals are explosive prone, we use cold cutting techniques to ensure safety during plant maintenance or shutdown.

Pipe beveling is followed after pipe cutting. It is considered to be a finishing job. Beveling allows the pipe to be ergonomically positioned to provide joint-integrity with a new pipe. The process smoothens the sharp-cut open edges for safer handling.

How are automated cold pipe cutting/ beveling tools important?

In comparison to traditional tools;

  • Automated beveling tools reduce job time and consistently provide accurate results.
  • It eliminates human error caused by ergonomic issues.
  • It requires less manpower and is safer to operate.
  • Cold cutting and beveling ensure fire safety in an explosive environment.

What are their applications?

Pipe cutting is commonly used during plant maintenance and shutdowns. They have multiple applications most commonly in industries like oil, gas, and petrochemicals. Some of the popular applications are flange resurfacing, pipe squaring and severing, counterbore machining, airport fuel line piping repair, desalination plant pipe severing and beveling, OD shaft turning, food processing plant pipe severing and beveling, industrial pipe replacement, weld cap removal, trepanning, cutting HDPE piping, offshore caisson cutting, pipe grooving, casing abandonments, vessel machining, pipeline distribution, valve replacement, municipality water lines, and decommissioning to name a few.

What size of pipe cutting do we offer?

We offer cold pipe cutting and beveling tools and services for all types of pipes with a diameter range of 0.5 – 86 inches (12.7mm – 2184.4mm).

What types of beveling do we offer?

Our beveling tools and services are I.D. bevel reamer, ID rifling removal tool, J prep bevel, tube stub removal, fin removal, hand hole cap removal, multi-prep cut and many more.

What are the power options available with us?

Pipe cutting and beveling can be powered via three sources i.e. hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically based on the requirement and power source available at the plant site.

Does ABS offer Cold Cutting and Beveling services?

Yes, companies that occasionally require pipe cutting or beveling service look for temporary services. To provide economic and convenient solutions, we provide manpower hiring services and onsite machining tools to save purchasing costs. Read more in our Specialized Services section.

Why should you go for ABS services?

Being OHSAS 18001 safety certified, we provide the most trustworthy services in the industry. With our technicians on the job, you can be assured of the quality and safety on-site. Our experienced crew of over 150 technicians have completed complex projects of all sizes with utmost accuracy. We also adhere to the following safety guidelines on-site.

  • Manpower Safety

    Ensuring the safety of everyone available on-site. Our workforce will be alert and aware of how to tackle on-site machining hazards like fire and injury. To ensure self-awareness, an HSE induction is provided to every technician on the job. This allows every technician to stay alert on-site.

  • Workplace Safety

    Working in a safe environment increases productivity. To inspect safety on-site, our team conducts a safety audit on-site to assess the risks involved in working and recommend precaution measures. For example, working in confined spaces, explosive environments and heights can lead to injury. Therefore, assessing the risk and taking proper measures is important to ensure the job is completed safely and swiftly.

  • Tool Safety

    Ensuring the safety of the tool eliminates the possibilities of injuries occurred and damage to surroundings. To ensure safety, we provide training to all our technicians to operate the tools safely and how to act in case of an emergency. Our tools are regularly serviced, calibrated and checked for damages to avoid hassles onsite and maintain overall productivity.

As mentioned, cold pipe cutting ensures safer and accurate operations over traditional cutting options. Additionally, with our experienced and qualified crew, you can assure quality and safety on site. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.


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