How to improve the life of your torque wrenches

April 17, 2020by absadmin0

Torque wrenches are precision tools that need to be serviced and maintained regularly toachieve consistent accuracy and effectiveness. To achieve this, multiple services ensure preventive measures are taken to improve the life of the tool. In this article, we will talk about the different services that one can opt for to ensure tool longevity.

As we all know that torque wrenches are built for heavy usage and need to be robust to survive. To ensure that, it is important to start with a good quality product. Experienced in the industry for over 30 years, TORC tools offer a wide range of bolting systems that are manufactured in the US to guarantee superior quality & durability at competitive prices.

Post selecting a good brand, we need to choose a renowned after-sales service provider. Like how people consult the best doctor during illness, ABS is the right service provider for every torque wrench servicing. To assure our customers a reliable solution, we have a NABL certified torque tool calibration lab and are certified under ISO 9001 standards.

The following are some of the services that you need to consider ensuring the longevity of your tool.


As mentioned in our previous articles, calibrating torque wrenches optimize tool performance, reliability, and accuracy. While we have answered when to calibrate your torque wrenches in our previous article, to summarize the same, we would recommend going as per the manufacturer’s suggestion or the usage of the tool. For example, if the tool is frequently used then the tool needs to be calibrated at least twice a year. Regardless of whether the tool is used or not, every tool needs to be calibrated at least once a year. ABS’s in-house calibration facility can calibrate hydraulic, electric, battery and pneumatic torque wrenches up to 27,000 Nm and pressure gauges up to 2,500 bar. To offer convenience to our customers we offer scheduled calibration checks after understanding the tools usage frequency.

Tool Audit

Tool fitness being very important ensures that all bolting operations run smoothly and efficiently. Since torque wrenches are extensively used during plant maintenance and turnaround activities, it is important to regularly check their health for seamless working. Our tool audit program ensures that through our scheduled checks, all tools are under working conditions. Checking the tool for any abnormality and then doing a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to rectify the issue the right way. We are equipped to conduct RCA on all tools including hydraulic, battery, electric and pneumatic torque wrenches.


Training is very important as themajority of the tools fail because of consistent improper use. Some of the common issues of improper use are side load, improper reaction arm positioning, improper tool handling and many more. Our tool training not only acts as a preventive measure to help protect the tool but also helps the operator learn how to achieve controlled bolting safely. Some of the courses that we offer are on safe bolting methods, safe tool operations, safe upkeep and maintenance of tools. More training sessions on other topics are also provided based on customer requirements.


If your tool has a problem, it needs a well-equipped service station that not only has the most experienced and skilled manpower but also access to all spares, components, modern repair tools, etc.This not only helps repair the tool accurately but also reduces its downtime. Our state-of-the-art facility with trained technicians makes sure our customer gets the best service to count on.

We hope this article has helped you understand what precautionary measures you can take to enhance your tool longevity. Prevention is always better and less expensive than cure which means taking the right preventive measures will help save costs on replacing the tool with a new one. Visit us for more knowledge sharing articles.

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