How Torque Wrenches help the Oil and Gas industry?

May 11, 2020by absadmin0

One of the busiest industries, oil and gas companies have helped power the world for more than a century. As a demanding industry, they require machining and bolting tools that could deliver precise outputs in less time. Choosing the right torque wrenches or technology is one of the crucial factors to reduce maintenance downtime significantly. In this article, we will understand how torque wrenches benefit the oil and gas industry operations.

Before we talk about torque wrenches, let us highlight the major application of torque wrenches in the industry. Hydraulic pumps and torque wrenches are used on wellhead connections, including valves, flow lines, and BOP. They are used to assemble pumps, pipelines, valves, flanged joints like pipes and valves. Additionally, they are used in other applications such as heat exchangers, pressure pipe flanges, steam pipe flanges, compressor stations, reactor pressure vessels, condenser and many more.

Hydraulic pumps and torque wrenches are the most popular tools in the industry considering they offer the highest accuracy and power in the industry. With an unmatched torque accuracy of +/-3%, and unique power to weight ratio, a hydraulic tool offers the desired output every operator in the industry seeks. Additionally, hydraulic torque wrenches are also the safest bolting tools for the industry. Considering that industries like oil and gas only use spark-free technology to ensure the safety of the plant, workers, and the community they operate, the industry has very limited options in choosing their desired torque wrench.

As mentioned earlier, hydraulic torque wrenches offer the most accurate torque output which allows the application to achieve joint integrity. Accomplishing a secure connection is very important as many oil and gas applications carry fuels and gases. Inaccurate torque on a bolt can lead to flanges leaking which not only brings down the productivity of the plant but could also risk safety for on ground personnel. To avoid such leakages,not only do operators require a robust and accurate tool but also pressure test for leakages after the job is completed.

As bolts do loosen after a particular time frame due to constant vibrations, proven bolting technologies and tools need to be implemented to avoid recurring maintenance jobs and costs. Understanding that maintenance shutdowns cost a lot of money and impact the productivity of the plant, TORC hydraulic torque wrenches ensure joint integrity to ensure safety, prevent recurring maintenance and leakages.With TORC’s range of hydraulic torque wrenches offerings(square and hex drive tools), we are confident to simplify all complex bolting jobs.

We hope this article enlightened you about the significance and importance of choosing the right torque wrench in the oil and gas industry. Not only have hydraulic torque wrenches proven to offer the most accurate torque output but have also proven to reduce maintenance and manpower costs by delivering leak-free joints and safety. It is also important to conduct leakage checks to not only ensure joint integrity but also reduce recurring downtime. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.

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