Hydraulic Jacks and its Industrial Applications

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Hydraulic jacks are versatile load-lifting tools that are applicable to a wide range of industries. By applying Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics, these devices generate large amounts of load to elevate or lower any application ranging from containers to heavy machinery. In this article, we will talk about the different types of jacks available in the industry. We will also provide an insight into the various industries that use hydraulic jacks.

Two of the most popularly used jacks are the bottle jacks and floor jacks. Bottle jacks feature a vertical design that offers a higher load allowing them to be capable to lift vertically. These jacks are compact in nature making them portable and economic. However, the bottle jacks offer less stability due to their vertical design and have a minimum clearance requirement. Floor jacks are comparatively stable and sit low on the ground. However, floor jacks are completely opposite to the bottle jacks. These jacks are horizontally designed with many casters that can be easily repositioned. These tools are less portable than bottle jacks making them difficult to store and transport.

Another jack that is commonly used in confined spaces is the toe jacks. These jacks are extremely compact and feature a portable design to fit into tight spaces. Similarly, there are other jacks like the locknut, compact, flat, hollow, standard jack, etc.

Available in various sizes, hydraulic jacks are ideal for all applications. However, choosing the right jack for the application involves studying and considering the design of the application. Some of the critical factors considered include elevation height, capacity, and clearance. The following are some of the industries that heavily depend on jacks to complete their everyday operations.


We all know how crucial jacks are to the automobile industry. We have seen jacks being used in multiple garages or repair shops; however, they are also used in manufacturing. These jacks are critical for operators to assemble, inspect, and work on vehicle’s undercarriage.


Construction workers heavily rely on lifting heavy loads from hydraulic jacks. They are commonly seen on site being used on equipment like elevator systems, forklifts, and bulldozers.

Material Handling & Logistics

Hydraulic jacks are very popular in the material handling & logistics industry. The commonly used hydraulic pallet jacks allow operators to lift and transport materials stacked on pallets easily.


Hydraulic jacks help workers to lift and lower rails during installation.


Large chunks of rocks can be a major obstacle in mining operations. Hydraulic jacks offer a convenient way of transporting these large rocks and debris safely.


Hydraulic jacks are used to construct ships and load up inventory and other components before ships and boats depart for a sail.


Like the marine industry, the aerospace industry also uses jacks for construction and loading purposes.


Backed with decades of experience in dealing with hydraulic tools, ABS has now expanded their line of hydraulic offerings by introducing hydraulic jacks. Our range of HiSTRONG offerings includes a wide spectrum of high-quality, safe, and reliable Jacks & Cylinders. With our capacity ranging from 4.5 tons to 1,000 tons with various stroke lengths, we are confident to offer load lifting solutions for any application in the industry.

We hope this article helped you understand different jacks and their role in different industries. Visit us next time for more industrial knowledge sharing articles.

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