High Pressure Test Systems

ENPOS manufactures and supply various pressure testing equipment for pressure, rupture, high pressure, leakage, cryogenic test, etc. in all industries including shipbuilding, aviation, national defense, and nuclear power.

Hydraulic (Hydraulic) Tester

  • Air drive system
  • Applicable to most fluids
  • Manual pump attachment (option)
  • H type: Hand carry type
  • T type: Including 4liter tank
  • Specification: 472 x 322 x 556

Gas Booster Unit & Air Booster Unit


  • Air drive system
  • Application of AIR, N2, He, Ar and special gas
  • Standard: 900 (W) × 400 ( D) × 550 (H)

Pressure test equipment


For internal pressure testing of various materials including piping, valves, hoses, etc. widely applied in the industrial field.

Burst test equipment


To test the rupture and internal pressure of various tests materials such as pipes and parts, and it has the advantage of testing water pressure and gas at the same time.

High Pressure Test Equipment


High pressure testing of various materials

Leak test equipment
For leak test of various test materials

Gas booster system (10,000 psi) & high pressure gas storage vessel (8,000 psi)