Onsite Machining and Bolting Services by ABS Gulf

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On-Site Services by ABS Gulf


With decades of experience in precision bolting and machining solutions, ABS takes pride in being an industry leader in the in-situ services we offer. We provide specialized onsite machining services like controlled bolting, pipe beveling, cold cutting, and flange facing.

Our services come with the best manpower, machine and methods that serve major industries including Oil & Gas, Wind, Power, Automobile Manufacturing & Assembly, Railways, Bridges & Construction, Heavy Engineering, Steel, Mining, Shipping, Defence and many more.

To ensure efficiency onsite, our diligent quality management system consists of international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Similarly, all our service personnel is trained to follow OHSAS 18001:2007 safety norms to maintain the highest standards on-site.

Following is a list of services we are specialized:

1. Controlled Bolting

To maintain joint-integrity, controlled bolting allows fasteners to be tightened at a known measurable value. These bolting services can either be done by torqueing or tensioning the bolts. Crucial during plant turnarounds and shutdown, our expertise helps resolve complex situations fast and with utmost precision. We provide annual rate contracts (ARC) to ensure maintenance and servicing is done on-time to avoid machine breakdown or failure.

Our wide range of torque and tensioning tools allow us to torque nut size ranging from 32mm to 145mm, and tension stud sizes 1.5”-4”.


2. Cold Cutting & Pipe Beveling

This is an onsite machining service for pipe maintenance which involves cutting and fabricating the pipes. These pipes are cut and beveled to connect with a new pipe and maintain joint-integrity. To ensure safety and maintain a spark-free environment, we only provide cold pipe cutting services. These services include both ID and OD mounted pipe cutting and beveling.


3. Flange Facing

Flanges experience constant damages due to turbulent flow, corrosion, and impacts with other components during installation, construction or cuts from gasket leaks. Therefore, flange facing is a critical activity during plant maintenance and shutdown process. The process helps refurbish damaged flanges.

Apart from servicing flanges, our team specializes in the machining of hub profiles, both faces of heat exchangers, sealing surfaces of pressure vessels and boilers to name a few.

We use robust and innovative portable flange facers ranging from 5 to 120 inches (127 to 3048 mm) for ID, OD or Surface Mounting with the ability to reface, mill, bevel, square, counterbore or machine weld prep or seal ring profiles, as well as the ability of many to convert from single point to milling operations, making our machining services extremely versatile.


4. Manpower Capabilities

Our manpower capabilities include multiple services that ensure the quality and safety of the jobs delivered as per the customer’s requirements. Some of our services are:

  • Auditing site and tool to ensure safety standards are met
  • Training technicians on the job
  • Providing all operations and maintenance for all bolting requirements
  • Providing application study and many more.


5. Safety

Being OHSAS 18001 certified, we ensure safety on-site to assure the job is completed on-time without injuries allowing customers to experience a stress-free service. This includes auditing the sites for manpower, workplace, and tool safety. Post- audit, a report will help take the appropriate actions to avoid hazards and injuries on-site.

With skilled manpower of 50+ crews, we have delivered more than 40,000 man-hours of service through our expertise in the industry. To ensure that we are always available for our customers, we provide annual rate contracts.

Our annual rate contracts guarantee our availability of resources for your services anytime. The contracts are also packaged at fixed prices to protect customers from the inflating service prices to experience a smooth transaction. Visit our specialized services page to know more about our services.

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