TensionPro, The experts of Bolt Tensioners

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Tensionpro expert bolt tensioners

With more than 100 years of combined tensioning design experience, TensionPro is an organization with a group of highly qualified engineers. As a customer-focused team, TensionPro aims to revolutionize the bolting world with its innovative products by the very best.

To always stay in par with the highest safety, efficiency, and environmental standards, TensionPro carries an aspirational vision to have a world without leak-free bolted joints and long-term bolted joint integrity.

In addition to the special customized design & standard bolt tensioners, they not only provide equipment sales but also additional services like repairs, refurbishment, spares and load calculations.

TensionPro offers a wide range of tensioning tools like HTS tensioners to fit the standard flanges, DUO & multistage MONO single-stage tensioners for high load applications, and the special designs for nonstandard applications. In addition, TensionPro also offers hydraulic hoses, nuts, pumps, and accessories.

What do TensionPro Tools offer?

The TensionPro Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners are simple and easy to use. Hand-assembled in minutes, multiple tools are harnessed together to deliver better SPEED for the bolt tightening process and reduce job time. The even joint compression ensures uniform bolt loading and gasket compression that gives superior bolted joint integrity. The bolt tensioners cancel friction to achieve joint integrity. Additionally, it reduces torsional stress associated with a torque wrench when tightening the bolts. It allows the operator to simultaneously tension all the bolts if required to achieve better gasket compression or joint seal.

What do their bolt tensioners offer?

As an early adopter of industrial bolting technologies, TensionPro associates itself with the highest standards of quality and safety in its tensioning tools. Additionally, they also offer customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements and the application. Therefore, thorough research, analysis and design is conducted before a tool is recommended for the application.

Given below are some of the features incorporated into the TensionPro tensioners.

1. Protection from over-stroking

Over stroking causes leakages or failures. The protection feature in Tension Pro tools does not allow over stroking even if the operator tries to as it automatically shuts off stroking.

2. Maximum stroke indicator

The tensioner automatically shuts off once maximum stroking is achieved. It will display a visible ring to alert the operator.

3. Pressure Test certified

As per CE norms and certifications, all TensionPro tensioners are pressure tested.

4. CE certified

All our equipment are CE marked to meet the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Following are the latest technologies adopted:

1. Advanced seal technology

With advanced seal technology integrated, it increases the quality of the seal to reduce the possibilities of failures and machine breakdowns.

2. High Durability

All tools are tested multiple times at different pressure levels to assure the customers a high life cycle.

3. Optimised power to weight ratio

Keeping portability in mind, all TensionPro tools designed to offer maximum power on a light weight tool.

4. Long Life Performance

TensionPro recently collaborated with ArmourMax which makes their bolt tensioners one of the most durable tools in the industry. ArmourMax provides the tool anti-corrosion and anti-wear coating to enhance the longevity of the tool and reduce repairs, maintenance costs and downtime.

TensionPro tools integrate the most advanced technology seals, material and surface treatments to deliver robust and accurate standard of tensioner tools.

TensionPro’s Computer Controlled Cyclic test rig & High-pressure testing capability are an additional feature to enhance the quality of the product. As a customer centric brand, they also provide after-sales services like tool repair, refurbishment and upgrade service.

With a wide range of services and tools and collaboration with market-leading brands for quality assurance, Tension Pro is constantly adapting with new technologies to enhance the quality of products and services. To know more about our products, visit us next time.


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