The fundamentals of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Reaction arms and Links

March 23, 2020by absadmin0

One of the most powerful and widely used tool in the industry, hydraulic torque wrenches are used in multiple industries. It is not only the ideal tool to reduce job time but also helps complete bolting jobs in confined spaces.The benefits don’t end there, multiple bolting accessories allow hydraulic torque wrench to be the most customizable tool while delivering the highest rate of accuracy and power in comparison to any other torque wrench. In this article, we will discuss about the key benefits and fundamentals of hydraulic torque wrenches and their accessories like reaction arms and links.

There are two types of torque wrenches, square and hex drive hydraulic torque wrenches. Depending on the application either one of the hydraulic tools is recommended.

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

The hydraulic torque wrenchesare packaged with a powerful ratchet mechanismand a multi-axis swivel. With TORC’s TTS and TTX, the square drive series of hydraulic toolsoffers the highest power to weight ratio with a maximum torque output of 37,095 ft-lbs.One of the bolting accessories required to complete bolting jobs accurately and safely is the reaction arm.

Every TORC Square Hydraulic Torque Wrench comes with a universal reaction arm.It is a crucial accessory that ensures safety by protecting the housing of the tool from unwarranted external forcewhile delivering the desired torque output.The reaction arm counters the twisting force when the torque wrench is operational.

Generally, reaction arms are placed in a plane parallel to the axis of the bolt.The long length reaction arms extend the applications of TORC square drive hydraulic torque wrenches.The multi positioning feature adds more convenience to the operator.

Depending on the application, the size of the torque wrench is determined.

Hex Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Ideal for bolting jobs in confined spaces, the standard links provide hex drives the flexibility to work in the tightest of spaces.Like the square drive, TORC’shex drive range of tools deliver a high torque output up to 59,110 ft.-lbs. with uniswivel technology for free movement and positioning of hoses and tools.

Like reaction arms are to square drive hydraulic torque wrenches, links are to hex drive hydraulic torque wrenches. These links sit flat on the application on the tightest bolt patterns. These torque wrenchesare commonly found in major industries like wind, power plants, oil and gas rigs, petrochemicals, mining, infrastructure, heavy equipment, shipyards,wind turbines and many more.

For applications like Blow out Preventer Bolts (BOP), TORC hex drive hydraulic torque wrenches are the ideal tool to complete bolting jobs in oil refineries.

Some of the key pointers to take away from this article is that hydraulic toolsofferthe most accurate torque output with an accuracy of +/- 3%. The high power-to-weight ratio makes hydraulic torque wrenches one of the most portable and flexible tool in the industry.We hope this article helps you, visit us next time to uncover more fundamentals and benefits on hydraulic tools like torque wrenches.

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