What are Impact Sockets?

August 20, 2019by absadmin

Impact Socket

As impact wrenches are economical, simple, and fast to operate, the majority of the industries have upgraded themselves with the tool, and hence impact sockets are gaining popularity. Unlike normal sockets, impact sockets are durable enough to withstand the load applied by torque wrenches.

The Difference Between Normal and Impact Sockets

Normal sockets are made of chrome vanadium steel, which is strong but brittle and cannot withstand the load and vibrations of a torque wrench. If used, these sockets can break. Impact sockets are made of chrome molybdenum making them much stronger than normal sockets. They can be easily differentiated as they are ‘black’ in color (to prevent the sockets from corroding, they are finished with black oxide).

The Safety Function of an Impact Socket

Impact sockets are designed with a grooved ring and side hole to fit in a retaining ring and a locking pin for safety. This retaining ring with the locking pin ensures that the socket does not fall off due to vibrations or during the operation of an impact socket.

Different Types of Impact sockets

Impact sockets are designed in two ways, the whole socket can be a single piece or a double piece which is later assembled. The two-piece socket allows the user to replace the broken part for a cheaper price than replacing the entire socket in a single piece.

All impact sockets can be designed with the same head and driver which can either be hex or in-hex sockets.

Where to Buy?

You need to be cautious while buying an impact socket, as many normal sockets are painted black and sold as impact socket. In order, to ensure you receive the right socket from the right distributor, look for an ISO 9001 certification. Our impact sockets are manufactured in-house in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certified norms, guaranteeing quality products.

As the industry develops, so should its equipment. With the popularity of impact and torque wrenches, it is needless to say that impact sockets are ideal sockets to be used for safer operations. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.