What is Flange Facing and Its Benefits

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Flange Facing by ABS Gulf

What is Flange Facing?

Flange facing is a machining maintenance service conducted on flange surfaces. Timely maintenance and repair of flanges help avoid leakages and corrosion. These services ensure old flanges continue to maintain joint integrity between them.


Why is Flange Facing Required?

Flanges continuously experience damage due to turbulent flow and impacts with other components during construction, installation, or cuts from gasket leaks.

Flange facing cuts the flanges to give them a spiral grooved finish. This finish allows flanges to be less liable to any leakages as gases and liquids are forced to travel in a long spiral path rather than across the flange face.

Flange facing is considered to be one of the most important repair jobs during plant shutdowns or maintenance.


Which Industry Requires Flange Facing?

Industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical production, pipelines and power generation require flange facing more often than other industries.


What is the Difference Between Internal Diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD) Mounting?

Flange facing machines can be mounted in two ways i.e. ID and OD mounting. In ID mounting, clamp legs inside of the machine are placed inside the flange. In OD, the clamp legs are pushing inwards with the machine externally mounted around the flange.


What are the Applications of Flange Facing?

  • Re-facing of main inlet steam flanges.
  • Repairing heat exchanger nozzle flange.
  • For sealing and weld prep, facing and beveling of the pipe is required.
  • Repairing flat face raised face and phonographic finish flanges.
  • Repairing piston rod mating flanges.
  • Boiler feed pump flanges.
  • Re-machining the gasket seal on tube sheets.
  • Cutting new grooves or repairing ring grooves.
  • Vessel and plate weld prep.
  • Re-facing ship hatch sealing surfaces.
  • Re-machining bearing surface of rotary cranes.
  • Re-surfacing large pump base housings.
  • Re-facing valve flanges and repairing heat exchangers.
  • Flange milling wind tower section
  • Ship thruster mount facing, drilling, and milling.


What are the Power Options Available?

Since flanges are a crucial application in the oil and gas industries, the majority of the flange facing tools are pneumatically powered. However, to provide alternative options for other industriessomeof the tools are also electrically and hydraulically powered. For example, subsea flange facing uses hydraulically powered tools.


What Range Does ABS Gulf Serve?

Our skilled team uses highly-durable and portable flange facers ranging from 5 to 120 inches (127 to 3048 mm) for ID, OD or Surface Mounting. These tools also have the ability to reface, mill, bevel, square, counterbore or machine weld prep or seal ring profiles. Adding to the versatility, they also convert the single point to milling operations.


Should You Buy or Rent?

There are two factors involved in deciding whether to buy or rent the tool. First, if you service your flanges more often like in major industries mentioned above, buying a tool seems to be more economical than renting the tool regularly. Secondly, if you have different size of flanges, you will have to purchase more tools with different ranges to service them. This could work out to be more expensive than renting it. Analyzing the constraints and requirements, major industries can take a call on whether to buy or rent.

For other industries, renting is the best option as the requirement for servicing flanges is low.


Why Go for ABS Gulf Services?

Being Industry leaders for more than two decades, we have a team of more than50experienced technicians that have provided flange facing services and other machining services to multiple reputed companies in the Oil & Gas industry and other industries.


Why Buy from Us?

Associated with one of the leading brands in machining systems- H&S Tools, we offer flange spreaders and facing tools that are portable, fast and accurate on-site. H&S tool’s most advanced Speed Facer model provides hands-free servicing eliminating the risks of injury and also offers flange facing solutions to a wide range of flanges from 0-86 inch (0-2184.4mm) diameter.

We are also OHSAS (safety) and ISO (quality) accredited that assures the safety and quality of services our team brings onsite. Our manpower provides customer assurance by providing site and tool audit to maintain safety on-site and ensure precautions against hazards and injuries. Visit our on-site services section to know more about our flange facing and other specialized services.


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