What machining and torque tools do ABS offer on rent?

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The pandemic has hit many businesses hard. As industries are still recovering from the losses incurred during the lockdown, ABS is offering multiple tools on rent to minimize capital investments and eliminate tool maintenance and upgrade costs. In this article, we will talk about all the machining and torque tools ABS offers on rent.

With many companies resuming projects post lockdown, investing in a tool has been a hassle with companies having very limited cash reserve after incurring losses due to the pandemic. At such times, many are opting for cheaper machining or torque tools to complete the ongoing project/job. Such tools either incurs heavy maintenance costs or fail before time. To avoid such instances, we offer our tool inventory on rent to complete jobs safely and accurately without worrying about any additional costs.

Experienced as a machining and bolting services provider, we have robust tools that service industry critical applications like heat exchangers, flanges, pipelines, reactor vessels, valves, to name a few. Our tool inventory consists of quality industrial tools like torque wrenches, pipe cutting machines, flange facers, flange spreaders, flange pullers, and nut splitters that are manufactured in USA and UK.

Following are the tools ABS offers on rent

  1. Torque Wrenches

Many crucial applications are joined together using bolts. As these bolts tend to loosen due to constant vibrations and activity of applications in plant, bolt tightening during maintenance is a must to avoid future shutdown losses.

As torque wrenches are extensively used across all applications, we offer them on rent with or without manpower. Organizations significantly save on investment costs as they need to buy different tools for different job specification.

As tool rentals are available for both long and short term, costs only occur on project basis. This helps save on additional costs like tool storage, transportation, and upgrade costs. To ensure our tools are ready for all torque requirements, we maintain a ready-to-ship inventory of torque tools up to 59,005 ft-lbs.

  1. Cold Pipe Cutting Tools

Pipeline integrity is key to many industries like power, oil & gas, petrochemicals, and chemical manufacturers. As these industries are explosive prone, spark generating tools are not used during shutdowns or maintenance.

With only two methods of pipe cutting available, industries prefer opting for the spark-free method. The major constraint for many organizations is that cold pipe cutting tools require heavy capital investment and require storage space. Thus, renting such tools is feasible for many companies.

  1. Flange Facing Tools

Like cold pipe cutting tools, flange facing tools service flanges and heat exchangers that are crucial to essential industries like power and oil & gas. While manual flange serration is economic and spark-free, it is time-consuming and requires additional manpower to complete the job.

Automated flange facers are accurate, safe, faster, and require minimum manpower to complete the job. Since flange leakages can lead to major shutdown losses, maintaining joint integrity between flanges is necessary to avoid such situations.

Like cold pipe cutting, automated flange facing tools are not economic for every organization unless used frequently. To ensure that such jobs are completed accurately at economic prices, ABS has a ready inventory of flange facing machines that could face up to 80”.

  1. Portable flange maintenance tools

As mentioned before, flange maintenance jobs require a high level of precision to avoid any leakages and losses. As flange maintenance process includes opening, servicing, and then closing the flanges together, ABS offers a wide range of portable flange maintenance tools on rent.

These tools include flange spreaders, flange pullers, and nut splitters which help optimize flange maintenance operations.

We hope this article has helped you understand the different jobs that can be done in a shutdown without investing in a tool. Visit us next time to know more about our services.


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