Why consider onsite machining and bolting services?

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Onsite and Bolting Services

Due to the current pandemic situation, many businesses will be expecting to gain maximum benefits out of minimum investment. At such times, one might be confused if they should opt for onsite machining and bolting services or invest in a tooling system. In this article, we will discuss multiple factors that need to be considered before making the call.

The following are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before investing.

  1. Which application is it serving?

Every industry has a specific tool requirement for every application. However, as requirements increase, so does the cost and number of tools required. For example, oil and gas industries are explosion prone areas and use tools that are explosion proof. Now, when considering a pipe cutting service, they opt for cold pipe cutting services rather than hot (laser) cutting as it fits their requirement. As these tools require heavy investment, we recommend only buying the tool if you have multiple applications, trained manpower and frequently service pipes. For companies that have less requirement, it is economic to opt for cold cutting services.


  1. What is the frequency of the maintenance?

The major differentiating factor between buying and hiring any product is the frequency of the maintenance. It is known that low frequency does not require tool investment, hiring onsite machining and bolting services is a much better option. Similarly, if your plant frequently requires maintenance, it is economic to invest in a tool rather than opt for services. For example, heavy machinery undergoes maintenance twice a year, these types of machinery need to be project ready which is why heavy machinery industries opt to buy torque wrenches rather than renting them. However, structural bolting in the infrastructure industry only requires bolting once in a couple of decades which is why the infrastructure industry prefers hiring bolting services. The purchase patterns may vary within an industry depending on the contractors, OEM’s, and projects.


  1. What scope of tool are you looking for?

If the applications are of a similar size or near and require only one tool, buying is a better option than hiring. However, if there are applications with different nut size or torque requirements, investing in multiple torque wrenches or tensioning tools may not always be a feasible option. For example, some industries have pipes and flanges of various sizes that make hiring machining services a preferable option than buying the cold cutting or flange facing tool.


  1. Do you require manpower?

It is very important to have the right manpower to ensure productivity and safety. It is also important to get the job right the first time to avoid recurring maintenance operations. Similarly, incorrect operation can potentially lead to tool or application damage. Operators can also injure themselves adding more to the losses and delay. Therefore, it is important to ensure trained technicians that can complete the job ensuring precision and safety. Needless to say, hiring services is a better option when the plant does not possess trained operators to complete onsite machining jobs.


  1. Have the manpower but not the right tools to complete the job?

If your plant does possess the manpower but not afford to invest in a tool, ABS Gulf offers dry tool rental which allows the organization to rent bolting and machining tools for both a long- and short-term basis.


  1. Are you willing to bear the tool maintenance cost?

Tool maintenance involves calibration, auditing, and repair. If these costs are too high for the organization, it is economical to opt for hiring; as these services eliminate all tool maintenance costs.

How does onsite machining and bolting services by ABS Gulf help customers?

ABS Gulf is associated with renowned brands like TORC (USA), H&S Tools (USA), and TensionPro (UK) that allow us to possess a wide range of quality tools. Matched with our experienced manpower, we are capable of offering onsite services like controlled bolting, cold pipe cutting, flange facing and other flange maintenance services.

Our highly trained professionals are experienced in simplifying complex onsite problems for industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Heavy Machinery, Power, and many more.


We hope this article helped you understand the different parameters involved before making the call. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.

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